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Discover Kenoa Resort, Barra de Sao Miguel, Brazil

Kenoa Resort

Barra de Sao Miguel, Brazil


Kenoa Resort

Barra de Sao Miguel, Brazil

Looking for a “different” escape this winter??

Imagine a private sanctuary of tranquility and balance where the smallest of details

have been carefully crafted with your experience in mind.

An escape destined to expand your journey, while ensuring your privacy.

 Kenoa, a first wave eco-chic design resort, located in Barra de Sao Miguel,

in the state of Alagoas North East of Brazil.

The Resort is 20 miles away from the charming city of Maceio.

Contact us for more details on this fabulous place…..


logo kenoa

Apoena Suite
Apoena Suite
Araxa Suite Terrace
Araxa Terrace
Jaobi Villa
Jaobi Villa
Kenoa 5
Kenoa Villa Bedroom
Kenoa 6
Marajo Villa Bedroom
Kaamo Resto
Kaamo Lounge
Fitness Centre
Fitness Centre
Event Space
Event Space
Conference & Business Centre
Conference & Business Centre
Kenoa Spa
Kenoa Spa


Spa Lounge
Kenoa Restaurant
Kaamo Restaurant

design logo

Kenoa Resort

Embraced on the north by the resplendent panorama of miles of virgin Atlantic outback and on the east by the turquoise enchantment of the open sea, Kenoa Resort is as wondrous as it is very private, a place where luxury is defined by its earth-given beauty.


Pool & Beach


Pool & Beach Club
Pool & Beach Club

The Resort features 11 Ocean view Suites and 12 Ocean front Villas.

  • 10 Apoena Suites elevated over a natural reserve with views to both the ocean and reservation.
  • 1 Araxá Suite elevated over a natural reserve with sea view
  • 8 Marajó Villas just over the beach
  • 3 Jaobi Villas with private access to the beach
  • 1 Kenoa Villa neighboring the natural reserve with a private access to the beach

Stunning Pool & Beach Club with 2 infinity pools divided by wood stairs with direct beach access.


Kenoa Villa

Chef César Santos at Kaamo Restaurant, Lounge and Wine-bar occupies a place of prominence in the Brazilian national and international gastronomic scene. 

The originality of his culinary creations, his talent and his devotion to his craft has contributed to his reputation as one of the finest chefs in Brazil. Cesar’s extensive experience

permits the cuisine to engage the senses of sight, smell and taste, proof that there is a reward for being bold.


With international recognition, including the features on the pages of the New York Times and assorted magazines in Europe, Caesar is responsible for food that will certainly be one more reason to be attracted to the charm of Kenoa

Kenoa cuisine

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