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Explore Burgundy


Explore Burgundy By Bike or By Foot With B&R


Experience Burgundy: where the pursuit of happiness is easier (and tastier).

Burgundy is vintage Butterfield & Robinson territory ,y—our backyard if you will—, and we know it better than anyone else. And what a backyard it is! Exquisite biking and walking routes, tailor made for daydreaming. Exceptional wines. Timeless villages. What’s not to love? On a B&R trip you’ll meander through lush vineyards, sip grand crus in the fields where they were conceived, and wander cobblestone streets to find old friends. You’ll dine at some of the region’s best-known establishments and at bistros revered by the locals for their hearty country fare. It’s the only place we know of where fights can erupt over selecting the right vintage to pair with a prized Époisses .

Private Escape in Burgundy
In the middle of Burgundy’s bucolic vineyards lies the beautiful town of Beaune. We’ve crafted the perfect 4-night experience, featuring a stay at the most intimate of accommodations, the Butterfield’s own private residence. It’s the ultimate romantic getaway for two.

To book a magnificent biking or walking tour in Burgundy or any other of the many B&R destinations, just give us a call at 585-624-1285

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