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Spain in April



This April, Spain’s cultural legacy will once again shine through its fun-filled fiestas.
April Fair, Seville
April Fair, Seville
Easter Religious Celebrations
An unforgettable time to experience the culture of Spain and the warmth of its people, Easter week is filled with colorful processions, vibrant music, religious art, and a sense of emotion. With the Holy Week celebrations falling on the first week of the month (April 1st through 8th), nearly every city and town will be holding events worth checking out. Many of the following events have received the International Tourist Interest designation.
» Known for one of the most elaborate Easter processions in the country, Seville’s cofradías (religious brotherhoods) put on a show as they carry the colossal weight of intricately decorated statues of the Virgin Mary, and parade through the narrow streets of the old town.» The town of Murcia will take your breath away with its stunning Easter Sunday procession of ‘Cristo Yacente’ that passes under the Santo Domingo arch. Stop in at the Museo Salzillo, located in the baroque chapel of Ermita de Jesús. Dedicated to Murcian sculptor Francisco Salzillo, the museum is home to exquisite figurines that are used in the Holy Week processions.

» Those visiting the city of Cuenca can enjoy the Religious Music Festival as part of the Holy Week celebrations. Most performances take place in a cathedral or other historical buildings of this UNESCO-designated World Heritage city.

» For those visiting Valladolid, do not miss the rich display of Baroque and Castilian art pieces featured in the Good Friday processions. Historically rooted in Catholic tradition, the city is famous for its spectacular and emotional Holy Week celebrations. Don’t miss Valladolid’s National Museum of Sculpture that houses Spain’s best collection of religious art dating back to the 15th century.

April Pagan Celebrations
Seville will host its highly popular annual April Fair from the 24th through the 29th. This international fiesta dates back to 1847. Once a cattle fair, today it’s the highlight of the city’s social calendar, complete with festive atmosphere, delicious treats, crafts, singing, and “sevillanas,” the local version of flamenco dancing.

No matter what time of year, there are always exciting happenings all over Spain. Let us custom design your trip to this amazing country …. ole!

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