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Savoring Switzerland in Three Courses

First Course: French Switzerland

Sleek and sophisticated Geneva is surrounded by France and oh, so French! As the home of the United Nations, Interational Red Cross amongst 23 international organizations, its ppopulation is truly a mix of all Nations and its culinary options cover all cuisines.

Centered around the beautiful Lake Geneva (Lac Leman), with views to spectacular snow-capped Mont Blanc (Europe’s highest peak), it is a breathtaking location.

The Old Town with cobbled streets reminiscent of old Paris, is surrounded by chic shopping with perhaps the world’s largest collection of fine Swiss watch shops.

The slopes of the lake are lined with vineyards which produce the delicious Swiss wines that rarely leave the country. Opportunities abound here for exquisite French cuisine highlighting the local fish, meats, cheese and produce. Lessons with a gourmet chef, wine tastings at the vineyards or in private cellars, and of course,chocolate, chocolate, chocolate complete the experience.



Second Course: Swiss-German Switzerland

With its elegant cities of Zurich and Lucerne and countless towns and villages filled with houses covered in flowers, the majority of the country lies in thisĀ  region. Its cuisine is influenced by its bounty gathered from the romantic lakes, peaceful rivers, rolling plains, high pastures and spectacular mountains. Each region has its flavorful local produce to offer including a variety of cheeses, wines, meat, game, fresh-water fish, fruits and vegetables, herbs, breads and pastries and, of course, chocolate treats. This is the land of the famous Swiss Fondue, roesti and raclette, along with endless variations of sausage and air cured meats. But here you can also enjoy fine Swiss cuisine prepared by chefs gathering Michelin stars. As you travel by train or car from Basel to Bern, from Interlaken to Zermatt, from St. Gallen to St. Moritz, your scenic views will inevitably include happy cows grazing peacefully on mountainsides and in valleys who produce that incredibly rich milk and cream which the Swiss magically transform into over 450 varieties of some of the finest cheeses and the most delicious chocolates the world has to offer. Wineries all over the region produce high quality whites and reds that the locals will proudly serve to visitors but prefer not to send outside their borders.

















Third Course: Italian Switzerland

Travel down to the southeastern corner of Switzerland and you’ll experience La Dolce Vita, Swiss style – the efficiency of the Swiss combined with the Italian lifestyle. Here Switzerland is steeped in the perfumes and flooded with the colors of the south as life goes on at a slower pace. Suddenly the menus are full of risottos, pastas and pizze and you are invited to dine lazily in the shade of a pergola, surrounded by lakes, cliffs, waterfalls and forests of chestnut trees. Here you need to take your time and enjoy life. MarvelousĀ  local products, including cheeses from the valleys are combined with magical ingredients into amazing risotto, luganighe, costine and other delights and served with their outstanding Merlot wines. Delicioso!
















Switzerland has long had a culture of fine cuisine and a reputation for making guests feel welcome. It started with the pioneer of luxury hotels, Cesar Ritz, in the 19th century and continues today with those who keep up with Swiss gastronomy at the forefront of the international scene. You are invited to savor the creations of the passionate chefs who practice their culinary artistry day after day. Let us prepare a delicious and flavorful itinerary for your 3-course visit to this incredible country.

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