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The books have finally arrived! First orders are on their way! Did you order your copy yet?

Trisha Iannazzi, a Professional Travel Advisor and Robert Iannazzi, a Master Photographer, have spent their life-long careers traveling the world and tasting the local bounty at every location. At home in Upstate New York, they enjoy summers in their garden and harvesting their own bounty. Now they have combined it all in this lovely compendium of Robert’s travel photos , interesting destination and regional food information along with Trisha’s recipes. The book contains over 200 full color photographs along with over 30 recipes easy to prepare with local ingredients. Order your copy today – please contact us at for details.

We are so excited with the reviews that are coming in …. so happy everyone is enjoying our book! yay! 

I have been making some of your recipes. Love, love, love the book!! … Lori

“Trisha I received my book and I love it. The stories are wonderful and the pictures so lovely.  I made your recipe for ratatouille today with veggies from my garden, it was delicious!  Can’t wait to try another recipe.” …Andrea

“I got your book and am TOTALLY obsessed, your garden is GORGEOUS, and the recipes look amazing! Thank you for sharing this part of your amazing life! I can’t wait to share what I cook!” …. Michelle

“I received my book today! It’s truly incredible – unlike anything I’ve seen before. I love all of the plant information, the recipes look delicious and of course the photos are wonderful. I can’t wait to start cooking. Thanks Trisha” …Kathryn

“My friend, and work colleague, Trisha, and her photographer husband, have created the most amazing cook book, with recipes from the over 70 countries they have visited together. It’s hard to even call this a cook book because it’s so much more, all about gardening and her vegetables (her garlic bounty isimpressive!)  I urge you to purchase!” … Michelle

“Just received my Flavors of the World cookbook.  It is fabulous!  I love the layout by country/region, history of the foods, great gardening info and gorgeous photos. You have chosen some of the very best recipes and I cannot wait to start making them.   You have inspired me to expand my garden next year! Everyone needs this book!!! It is so much more than a cookbook”.. Lori

“It’s here! I am so excited to learn from Trisha and Robert- not just amazing recipes but also how to best lay out my garden”….Sarah

I received my book on Saturday and read it cover to cover. What a beautiful job you did Trisha. I can’t wait to try the recipes! 😊 … Bobbi

“I received your book in the mail and devoured it last night. I love the photography  and the recipes and the places. It makes me yearn to travel once again. We had such fun. Let me know when you and your sister are going on a trip again and I will try to go. I like new adventures. Stay in touch and cudos on your fabulous book.”…Diane

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