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SWITZERLAND is a small country, just twice the size of New Jersey, yet within its borders one can experience four different cultures; German, French, Italian and Romansch. As a Switzerland Network Certified Specialist, Trisha has visited many times and has been arranging fabulous vacations in Switzerland for clients for many years.

Situated at the crossroads of Europe, it is easily reached and explored. Switzerland far exceeds all expectations with its colorful history, world-class festivals, intriguing cities, intact folklore, spectacular scenery and delicious foods .  Everything in Switzerland is neat as a pin and it offers a broad choice of vacation experiences. Traveling around the country on the network of trains, post busses, and lake steamers is a dream. You need never drive a car in Switzerland. Just sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery at every turn. In Switzerland, every winter’s day is a lovely day. Switzerland didn’t just invent the concept of winter vacations – it perfected it. But Switzerland is truly a destination for all seasons as its delights (even skiing) can be enjoyed all year round.

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