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Portugal-Europe's West Coast

PORTUGALis a cultural delight that shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain. As a PORTUGAL SPECIALIST, Trisha has traveled extensively throughout Portugal and is very familiar with each area.

In the midst of medieval castles and modern shops, Roman, Gothic and Manueline monuments, beaches with deep blue seas and rolling green plains disappearing into the distance, historic villages and luxury resorts, the sophisticated cuisine of great chefs and the  simple delights that the sea can offer, contemporary art museums and prehistoric rock drawings, golf courses and busy, vibrant avenues, there lives a people who are creative, open and welcoming, who wish to share with you the best of everything that they have and know about, appealing to your senses and celebrating life.

Portugal always surprises visitors with its beauty and extensive preservation. From the popular beaches and world-class golf resorts of the Algarve in the south to its beautifully preserved towns and palaces and scenic beauty in central and northern Portugal, there are a countless wonderful things to see and do.   A cruise along the ubelievably scenic Douro River is nothing short of awesome! The fabulous wines and port wines produced in this and other areas of Portugal should not be missed.

The “Jewel in The Crown” for Portugal is the stunning island of Madeira set in the Atlantic off the coast of Morocco. Portugal is guaranteed to enthrall the visitor at every turn.

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